Interview: who is Calin Bleu?

calinbleulogonewCalin Bleu, a British company specialised in summer babywearing, is owned by Karen Hunt, a British mother of two. We at Goose And Parrot are huge fans of the Calin Bleu cotton wraps, especially in Zurich’s hot summer months, and when taking our little ones to even hotter climates. We’ve talked to Karen about Calin Bleu and babywearing in general. Here’s the interview!

Karen, how did you get to know babywearing initially?
KarenHuntCalinBleu1I have 2 daughters who I carried from birth until they refused to let me anymore! They are now 15 and 12 yrs old. I have been complimented many times by family members on how the girls have turned out, after being told that my instincts to babywear, breastfeed and co-sleep was making a rod for my own back! So I’m a great believer in AP, Gentle Parenting etc, and know it works.

Where do you run your company from?
Running a small business in the 21st century means I can work mostly from home – I live in Devon and juggle home and family life like most mums in the world!

Can you describe the local area where you work?
I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful old cottage nestled amongst woodland near the River Dart and the town of Totnes, Devon. It’s a gorgeous location, though we have to watch out for flooding!
What are CB’s main challenges?
sand in my pockets 1The babywearing industry is changing dynamically and we are working hard to ensure that we continue to provide a product that meets a specific need. It can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon of the latest trends but we see providing an affordable, quality product supported by excellent customer service as key to maintaining our position in the market.
Where are your wraps produced?
Our wraps are sewn at a factory in Royal Leamington Spa – we are incredibly proud to support this British industry and the consistent quality we are able to ensure by using an established British manufacturer is integral to our brand.
Where do you source the fabric?
interview15_2Our original founder Anne worked for some time to find the right fabric to ensure comfortable, breathable babywearing – over the years and many prototypes she found just the right weight. We buy the fabric from a well established UK supplier but any more would be telling…!
What is your bestselling product?
Our current bestseller is the Ocean Teal wrap – no surprise there, it’s consistently requested as the colour is so vibrant and suits just about everyone!
In how many countries are they sold?
sand_in_my_pockets_low170_newOlive__05177.1461686979.500.750Including the UK, our products are sold in 11 countries internationally, ranging from Ireland to Australia (where our products are really popular thanks to their comfort in heat). We’re always keen to add new international retailers too.
What is your favourite British dish?
Now the weather is warming up I’m thinking about Wimbledon so I’d have to say strawberries – does that count?!
What do you like most about living in England?
Well, often not the weather… Myself I love the fact that there is so much history to be found everywhere, and our beautiful natural landscapes.
Thank you, Karen!

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